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Making a Difference One Sale at a Time

Making a Difference One Sale at a Time

In 2015, Angel and I made a very public commitment to donate a portion of our income from every sale we completed.  Since then, schools such as Delaveaga Elementary, Santa Cruz Gardens, Branciforte Middle School and Westlake Elementary have all received donations. (Click here to see full list of donations)

We are firmly committed to supporting local school systems.  We never miss the opportunity to help with fundraising.  We understand that it takes a village, and that every little bit helps.

We are lucky to have had the opportunity to work with very close friends of ours on a sale and purchase. This family designated the Santa Cruz Gardens Home and School Club as the recipient of the donated funds. Here is where the story gets really good.  Rather than just forwarding the donation on to the Home and School Club, this family advocated tirelessly to see that the funds would be put to good use.  The $1000 donation on its own wouldn't fund an entire program, but, with the Home and School Club matching the donation, Santa Cruz Gardens will be able to kickstart a new Science curriculum.

Science is Elementary will be made available for Kindergarten and 1st graders.  The program relies on a trained volunteer, utilizes small group sizes, and hopes to spark a lifelong interest in science.

Bravo to our friends, to the Home and School Club, and to all of the parents, students, and teachers at Santa Cruz Gardens.