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The Bull$h!t of Being Busy

We are getting ready to bid farewell to a beautiful summer, usher the kids back to the daily grind of a school schedule, and gear up to throw ourselves into not one- but two!- soccer coaching gigs.  On top of that let’s not forget I also run a business. 

When I visualize Fall, I see nothing but a big, grey cloud of BUSY.  

A stressful juggling act of open houses, soccer games, and client showings.  There will be field trips, home inspections, appraisals, and PTC meetings.  

Perhaps it was the universe tapping me on the shoulder, but as I scrolled through my Facebook feed this week, I came across an article written by a Bay Area former classmate of mine, Jeffrey Chad Shiau.  The title caught my eye.  “The BullShit of Being Busy.”   

The title alone would make you pause, wouldn’t it?

I felt compelled to read it. Would I become enlightened and realize that I wasn’t so “busy” after all? Would this former classmate call me out on my own BullShit? Or would he reaffirm my own feeling that I really am flipping BUSY?!

As I read the Disclaimer:

“Before continuing, let me set one thing straight: if you are parents of three, juggling jobs/day care/school trips, then yes, you have all the right in the world to say, “I’m busy”.”

Hey…. I like this guy! He hit the nail on the head. See…. I am busy!

As I continue to read, there are some particular comments that strike a chord.

“Constantly barking, “Ugh, I’m so busy!” doesn’t make you cooler. It just stresses everyone out. ……  So why has this generation taken the course of constantly complaining and denouncing their own choices with, “I’m so busy,” instead of positively celebrating them with pride?”

There is a war going on in my mind as I’m reading this article. A large part of me says I want to be busy. There is a definite relationship between being busy and making money in real estate. If you’re not busy, it can be the kiss of death. But, I also don’t want to be stressed, and I most definitely don’t want to be a source of stress for others.  

I’ve chosen this profession. I’ve chosen to chaperone that field trip. I’ve chosen to coach soccer. As Jeffrey Shiau so aptly points out, we have chosen our commitments. So I must revisit my visualization of Fall. Rather than see a big grey cloud of BUSY, I am looking forward to a season full of OPPORTUNITY.

I choose to take part in opportunities to be present for my clients, my family and my personal self. I say “YES” to moments that bring joy to my life whether it be my child running down the soccer field, delivering keys to a client, or finally finishing that novel that’s sitting on my bedside table. 

Aimee Thayer-Garcia is a Real Estate Broker Associate at Bailey Properties. She is Top-Producing Agent and practices Real Estate full time with her husband, Angel Garcia. Mom of 3.  831-435-9146.

2015 Wharf to Wharf

On this part 4th Sunday in July I joined 16,000 other individuals of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, and talent level to participate in my very first Santa Cruz to Capitola, Wharf to Wharf. I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time participating in this widely popular and well-loved local event. 

Pre Race

My friend, Anna, and I were dropped off at the end of Buena Vista around 7:45am and joined the other masses of people walking over the train trestle down to the Boardwalk.  It wasn’t until we ended up in the massive line for the porta-potties did I realize just how BIG this event was. You think you know what 16,000 people looks like, but you really don’t until you see a group that large herded into 5 different corrals across just a few city blocks.

I distinctly remember having the overwhelming urge to say “moooo, mooooo” while snuggly tucked into the back of Corral 2. I suppressed that urge, of course.

The Start

Ok, I have to admit, the Start was fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a live event and heard a gunshot to signal the start of an event. Watching it on TV is different from hearing the sharp “pop!” in real life.  I had imagined the crowds parting and Anna and I comfortably settling into our own special space.  The reality was some bumping,  a lot of “excuse me’s”, and a few almost trips over curbs, all topped with a bit of organized chaos.  Corrals or not, 16,000 people takes a couple miles to spread out.

Mile 1- Exciting

I’m feeling good. Anna and I are holding a steady pace. The first hill up East Cliff along the San Lorenzo River wasn’t as bad as I expected. I understand the benefits of running in a pack. You run faster and it’s much funner. We waved to an overhead drone, listened to a Scottish bag pipe group, and I pointed out to Anna the first apartment Angel and I shared shared. Overall, Mile 1 was exciting.

Mile 2-  Scenic

By chance we happened to pass Anna’s family who had come out to wave at us. Anna briefly gave her daughter a kiss and hug and then we joined the pack once again. We ran past a couple who were wearing awesome T-shirts. His said, “I listen to her.” Hers said, “He listens to me!”  Anna and I both made mental notes to order those T-shirts for our husbands.  

Down Murray, over the Harbor Bridge, past the Crows Nest, and along Twin Lakes Beach, Mile 2 was very scenic.

Mile 3- Halfway

This stretch was relatively flat- Thank God! As someone brand new to this running scene, I was just grateful and happy I had made it to the halfway point. There were kids volunteering at the orange slice station and tons of people lined along the closed streets.  Those orange slices were a godsend. By now, we had found some open space to run.

Mile 4- Rough

Mile 4 was rough. I vaguely remember a band playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That helped. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: Anna and I hadn’t run anything more than 4 miles in distance in the entire past year.  I had momentary visions of throwing in the towel, dropping to my knees, and having a full blown adult meltdown.  The balloon arches felt like they were getting farther and farther apart. Who measured these markers?!

Mile 5- Are we there yet?

By now, I think most people around me are feeling the endorphins. Everyone’s smiling. Opal Cliff is lovely and flat. There’s tons of people out along the closed streets with signs and smiles. I briefly think there’s something wrong with me because I am definitely not feeling it. Anna is telling me we are almost there, but I am seriously doubting her. Finally we see the downhill into Capitola Village and then the endorphins decide to kick in.

Post Race

Pictures have been taken, water has been drunk, and now it’s time to mingle and find a good place for a post-race drink (or two!)  Margaritaville had a three hour wait and standing room only in the bar. So we ventured next door to the Sand Bar where we promptly sidled up to the bartender and ordered a round of Bloody Mary’s…… 

Two Bloody Mary’s in and the sprint up the hill to try and catch the shuttle back to Santa Cruz was a definite rookie mistake. 

Count me in for the 2016 Wharf to Wharf. Fourth Sunday of July, Santa Cruz to Capitola is where you’ll find me.

Aimee Thayer-Garcia is a Real Estate Broker Associate at Bailey Properties. She is Top-Producing Agent and practices Real Estate full time with her husband, Angel Garcia. Mom of 3.  831-435-9146.