The Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors is proud to offer a new additional closing cost grant to local Community Heroes.

The Closing Cost/ Community Heroes Program will give an additional $2500 to those who qualify for the Program's Closing Cost Grant.

In summary, applicants must meet income requirements, live or work in Santa Cruz County, and not have owned property for the past 3 years to apply for the $2500 Closing Cost Grant.  An additional $2500 is available through the Community Heroes Program for police, firefighters, EMTs and Military/Veterans.

The Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors Housing Foundation is a local, non-profit that has offered financial assistance to income-restricted, first-time homebuyers. Their goal is simple: "Bridging the Gap to Homeownership."

Through individual and corporate donations, grants from the State Level, and creative fundraising, the non-profit has helped over 200 families achieve their goal of homeownership with funds totaling almost half a million dollars.


Angel and I are well versed in the available First Time Homebuyer Programs offered throughout Santa Cruz County. We look forward to sharing our wealth of information.